Irving Wishbutton and the Questing Academy

Posted on July 16, 2012 (Subscribe to Blog)

Author, teacher and friend Brian Clopper is spending this week promoting his latest Kindle release, a fantasy novel called Irving Wishbutton and the Questing Academy, and I wanted to join in because this is a truly brilliant and unique novel that all fantasy fans should read.

I urge you to buy the book on Kindle for only $2.99. Be sure to read the Look Inside! sample – I'm pretty sure the clever chapter titles in the table of contents will persuade you even before you start reading.

Best-selling fantasy author Piers Anthony raved about this one even more than my own books (hehe) with a long review way back in his June 2010 newsletter. Not bad considering Brian only sent him part of the manuscript. Since then, Brian's been working on other things, and I'm glad it's finally being published.

I raved about it too in my Amazon review entitled Clopper at his best:

As the review title says, I strongly believe this is Brian Clopper's finest hour to date. It's not his first novel, nor his last, but it will always be a personal favorite with me. The whole idea of it is unique: the main character is (literally) being fleshed out as the story progresses while, in a parallel story, the fictional author goes about his daily routine and jots down ideas. So Irving comes to life slowly and surely at the hand of his unseen creator... and not a moment too soon!

It's hard to explain the plot properly in a sentence, but it rocks. The story is well told, has fabulous characters, and as a bonus the author excels in his ability to come up with cool and clever ideas and names for characters, places and creatures. It ends nicely but leaves the door wide open for Book 2, and I can't wait because it promises to be a corker.

Fed up with run-of-the-mill fantasy romps? Buy IRVING WISHBUTTON AND THE QUESTING ACADEMY.

Also, be sure to check out the author's blog over at

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