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Unearthed (Fractured Book 2) is published!

Posted on January 27, 2015 (Subscribe to Blog)

As the title of this post says, the second part of the two-part Fractured story is now available at all the major retailers. Unearthed picks up where the first book left off and completes the tale of Kyle and Logan as they try to set the broken world of Apparatum back on the right path.

Unearthed (Fractured Book 2)

Unearthed (Fractured Book 2)

Kyle and Logan long to return to their families – or, better still, bring both worlds into phase so they can all be together.

With Abe Torren's help, perhaps they can do just that.

Tunnels have been discovered deep below the enclaves and under the city. Within the darkness are signs of a lost civilization. But according to Abe, it isn't lost at all. In fact it's the third phase of Apparatum, very much alive today and filled with untethered spirits.

Only these spirits are flesh-and-blood creatures...

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If you buy this book and enjoy it, please consider rating and/or reviewing it. Ratings help get books noticed, and that means more sales, and more sales means more money to buy cups of tea with which to fuel more writing. :-)

Many thanks to all those beta readers who helped us find typos and improve things.

Comment by ROGER ESCHBACHER on Tuesday, January 27, 2015...

Congrats! I wish you both much success with this series.

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