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Fractured Book 2 is full steam ahead

Posted on September 21, 2014 (Subscribe to Blog)

Unearthed (Fractured Book 2)

Brian Clopper and I started work on Unearthed (Fractured Book 2) this week. That is, we've been hammering out the plot details and figuring out where the dual characters, Kyle and Logan, are at any given moment so we can maintain that important parallel throughout.

In case you haven't read Fractured (Book 1), it's the story of two boys with the same face but very different lives. Kyle lives in the futuristic city in the far west of Apparatum, and Logan lives in the quaint, spiritual enclaves in the far east. Both boys are failures in the eyes of their oppressive governments, so they both make a run for the great stretch of land that lies between the city and the enclaves – the dangerous wastelands.

Check it out at World of Apparatum.

We told each story with alternating character chapters, making sure to keep the timelines the same, thus giving the book a clear "split personality," a story of two halves that eventually becomes one. I wrote Kyle's chapters, and Brian wrote Logan's.

Unearthed picks up where Fractured left off. While the dual-format is very familiar, the story takes place underground. It's a logical progression of the first book but also completely different. The temptation to make this into a trilogy is strong, but we both agree that would be unnecessary padding. Therefore, this is a two-book story.

Brian and I are about ready to start writing. We should be done with the first draft in six weeks (each writing around 45,000 words) and after that we'll be doing numerous edits and polishing. We aim to complete the book and publish in the New Year.

Stay tuned!

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