Fantasy Author Keith Robinson

Fantasy Author Keith RobinsonKeith Robinson thinking
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Keith Robinson is the author of the Island of Fog books, a children's fantasy adventure series full of mythical monsters, as well as a dozen other books. His novels have received positive reviews including favorable comments from successful fantasy author Piers Anthony.

By day, Keith is a self-employed website designer with a wife, daughter, small dog, and four cats. Originally from England, he moved to the United States in 2001 where he now resides in the sticks of Chickamauga, Georgia. Keith has been writing on and off in his spare time for as long as he can remember, but "seriously" since about February 2002. He joined an online writer's workshop in October 2003, which was a great help in honing his skills in the two years he was a member.

He also offers a Novel Proofreading Service to help other authors eradicate those annoying typos and grammar/punctuation issues.

When he's not working on websites or writing fantasy, he's reading and collecting young adult and children's books. He has a bookshelf crammed full of secondhand hardbacks of varying authors from the 1940s-1960s, in particular those he grew up with in the UK. He owns and is the webmaster of The Enid Blyton Society, both sites dedicated to the great author. Keith also has an affinity for Anthony Buckeridge's Jennings books and, since moving the USA, has "discovered" many popular American series such as The Three Investigators, the Brains Benton Mysteries, the various Troy Nesbit books, and others.

But it's fantasy and science fiction that really floats his boat. Virtually all the modern books he buys feature young heroes facing ghosts, monsters, and other weird creatures.

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