Sleep Writer (Book 1) is published!

Posted on September 15, 2014 (Subscribe to Blog)

I'm excited to announce the arrival of Sleep Writer, the first in a new sci-fi series of Unearthly Tales featuring all manner of aliens and monsters. It was published today on September 15th, 2014.

Sleep Writer (Book 1)SLEEP WRITER
(Book 1)

Everything changes for twelve-year-old Liam when a girl moves in next door. Madison is fifteen, pretty, and much weirder than she seems.

Sometimes when she's sound asleep, she scrawls a message on a notepad by her pillow. She finds these cryptic words when she wakes the next morning – a time and a place. But for what? Liam and best friend Ant join her when she goes hunting around a cemetery late one night, and life is never the same again...

So begins one freaky adventure after another involving all manner of aliens, monsters, and ghouls. SLEEP WRITER is the first in a brand new sci-fi/fantasy series.

Available on Kindle US, Kindle UK, Nook, Apple, and Kobo. See also Goodreads.

Some of the comments I received from beta readers:

"How you wrapped the book up and answered all the questions I was getting ready to email you about... The ending was perfect, you left it so far open you could write another 100 books but ended it so gracefully that I... I don't know the word!!! I'm going to give you an analogy: Fog was like a roller coaster; it had a slow but fun climb before you were thrust into an amazing ride. Sleep Writer was also like a roller coaster, except it was one of the ones that take you from 0 to 100 in two seconds flat, before you're thrust into an amazing ride. I don't know which series I liked better so I'm not choosing."

"Fantastic read! It's brilliant. Loved the ending, a real made-ya-think."

"Well, that was a roller-coaster! Loved it. So easy to read... and captivating. It is the first time I have read one of your books in practically one sitting. Taut, fresh and inventive. Great twist at the end. Got the romantic tension right from the get-go. All in all, lighter, more lithe and dare I say it, potentially more enjoyable than IOF series."

"What a fun, lovely story! I'm so sold on this series! This could be such of an adventure for the ages! As well for me I was always drawn to those gals a few years older who in turn took to me as a buddy, hang out partner etc. myself being the pudgier of the threesome! I love how the families are coming together too, plus the three basically being only children except for Madison's baby brother. I can't wait for more, for the rest! This could be a wonderful movie too!"

"I finished two days ago and wow! I really enjoyed this book. It is such a unique and original concept! Your writing is so well-paced, every page leaves me wanting more! Each scene is so descriptive, I really feel like I'm there with your characters!"

So come on, Island of Fog fans and everyone else, give this one a go. Sleep Writer is the first of many novels to come, each featuring the same three children in all-new standalone stories. There will be some general continuance between them, but there won't be any cliffhangers that make you wait months for the outcome. Think of this series like a long-running TV show where you can dip in anytime you like.

The next book in the series is called Robot Blood, due for release early 2015.

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