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For a while, I published a free short story on the 15th of every month. Now, some of these stories are available in Monsters in the Fog, and more will be published in Tails of a Shapeshifter. Both these collections are part of the Island of Fog Chronicles (bottom of page).

Initially I delved behind the scenes and told the stories of the shapeshifters undergoing their first frightening transformations. All those individual accounts can be read here on this website or in the ebook Monsters in the Fog. Also, you can catch up on Thomas's early years in in the novella Eye of the Manticore.

Go to the Official Island of Fog Book Page for information and links.

The Silver Wand (Part 4 of 4)
Published April 15, 2016. The final part of the four-part adventure. Dimension-hopping and shapeshifting are things Hal is used to, but space travel? And time travel? Things are getting weirder and weirder. But there's an end in sight at last.
The Silver Wand (Part 3 of 4)
Published March 15, 2016. The continuing adventures of Hal and his friends as they end up in another strange world, this time seeking refuge in a silvery tower in the middle of a barren landscape. This is the third part of a four-part serial.
The Silver Wand (Part 2 of 4)
Published February 15, 2016. Hal and his friends meet Quincy Flack, a boy with a strange curse, as they continue their dimension-hopping adventure in the second part of a four-part serial.
The Silver Wand (Part 1 of 4)
Published January 15, 2016. After finding a strange object that appears to be "not of this earth," Hal end up in a very unfamiliar place indeed! This is the first part of a four-part serial that will cross over into other realms.
Be Good for Belsnickel
Published December 15, 2015. Old Belsnickel will reward boys and girls when they're good, but beware those who are bad! That's when Krampus shows his ugly face. Hal and his friends visit a small cottage on the snow-covered hill to find out if Krampus really exists.
The Soothsayer
Published November 15, 2015. The old soothsayer has been around a very long time, cursed with premonitions. He usually keeps them to himself, because his dreams come true no matter how much warning he offers. But sometimes a dream is too important to ignore.
Trading Magic
Published October 15, 2015. So where exactly do the shapeshifters' smart clothes come from? This is a little peek into life below the water, the home of the sinister miengu, where something exciting is about to happen: the execution of a prisoner.
Unicorn Poachers
Published September 15, 2015. There's nothing special about twelve-year-old Travis, but there will be soon, because his application to be a shapeshifter just got approved! What will he be? A wyvern? A dryad? So many choices. First, though, there are poachers to deal with.
Robbie and the Ogres
Published August 15, 2015. Robbie is on a mission – to persuade the ogres in the west to help him build a crane and hoist something very heavy out of a shaft in the ground. But getting the lazy brutes to come along is a real challenge.
Riding the Serpent
Published July 15, 2015. Emily is worried she might be the only one of her classmates without a shapeshifting talent. After an eventful afternoon breaking into the lighthouse and blocking the fog-hole, now there's a mad dash for Elsewhere. Will she discover her ability before it's too late?
Darcy the Dryad
Published June 15, 2015. Having never been interested in wildflowers and plants before, it was with some surprise that Darcy woke and suddenly knew everything about the woods around her. And the fact that she was invisible didn't escape her notice either.
Bird-Girl and the Shaggy Beast
Published May 15, 2015. Though Robbie and Lauren had both experienced odd changes and full-blown transformations before, it was during the gathering of shapeshifters at the lighthouse that they really got the hang of it.
Night of the Centaur
Published Apr 15, 2015. Dewey's dramatic transformation one stormy evening nearly got him captured by Miss Simone and a horde of goblins. Honestly, though, he was more concerned about running around naked in the rain – not to mention the sinister voice in his head.
Nameless Monster
Published Mar 15, 2015. It was Fenton's startling change – right in front of Dr. Porter – that brought Miss Simone to the island and started the ball rolling, the promise of a new beginning just around the corner. But what kind of creature was he, anyway?
Wings of a Faerie
Published Feb 15, 2015. Abigail Porter was the first of her classmates to transform and recognize what she had become – a faerie straight from the pages of a book! She was also the first to suspect an adult conspiracy involving experiments on children.
A Very Merry Shapeshifting Christmas
Published Dec 24, 2014. Chronologically speaking, the Island of Fog series takes place over a 5-month period from mid-October to mid-March. This festive short story occurs two weeks after the events in Chamber Of Ghosts (but before that book's epilogue).