Replacement order, watery events, and ideas for book title

Posted on December 9, 2009 (Subscribe to Blog)

Today I was assured by my book printers that a replacement order is on its way by UPS 2nd Day Air, so (fingers crossed) I should be receiving it fairly soon.

I went to Calhoun Library last night. It was raining lightly as I headed south on Hwy 136 and, when I arrived an hour later, it was raining a little harder. Shortly after I got inside it started tipping down, and it continued tipping down for the rest of the evening. There were people already at the library when I arrived and so I was able to sell a couple of books straight away, but then it emptied out... and the place was deserted. *Sigh*

It was good to talk to the other authors, and the few people who came in out of the rain, and the library staff, but otherwise it was a bit of a wash-out thanks to the weather.

On the way home, with wipers thumping and puddles sluicing up the side of the van, I started thinking again about the title for the third book. I've been mulling this over for some time now, and have many possibilities but none that I've settled on. Just for a laugh, and maybe for a bit of inspiration, I posted on Facebook (see to the right of this website) and asked for suggestions, keeping in mind the "[Geographic] of [Element]" format. We already have Island of Fog and Labyrinth of Fire – what's next?

I suggested, with tongue firmly in cheek, the following:

  • Peninsula of Snow
  • Hillock of Drizzle
  • Knoll of Smog

Lysa Charpentier up in Rhode Island immediately suggested:

  • Mountain of Mist

Oddly enough, "Mountain" has always been high on my list of contenders because the third and final part of the trilogy features a mountain! But "Mist" is too close to "Fog" so that's out.

Next, Trevor Moss from the local area came up with a slew of ideas:

  • Forest of Stone
  • Cavern of Light
  • Volcano of Tar
  • Valley of Sand
  • Swamp of Voices
  • Mountain of Crystal
  • River of Earth
  • Land of Silence
  • Wall of Jade
  • Hills of Rain
  • Ocean of Sun
  • Chasm of Lighting
  • Valley of Thunder
  • Craig of Steel (er, what?)
  • Plateau of Wind

Jennifer LeCroy from Rome (in Georgia, not Europe) then chimed in with:

  • Quagmire of Tranquility

This reminded me of the old eighties movie, The Neverending Story, which featured the Swamps of Sadness. While giggling over these titles with my wife, I couldn't help coming up with a title that we thought was very funny. Nessa posted it immediately:

  • Pass of Winds

Jennifer then came back with a title that she suggested should come right before Pass of Winds:

  • Gorge of Legumes

And that's as far as I've got. I should also mention a few titles that came up during a recent chat with my brother Darren in the UK. Between us we thought of:

  • Table of Desserts
  • Valley of Dust
  • Mountain of Dust
  • City of Dust
  • City of Breezes
  • Town of Gales
  • Valley of Passing Winds
  • Citadel of Gusts
  • Hamlet of Wafty Drafts
  • Mountain of Wind

...and there we left it. Town of Gales just made me think of a load of women, all named Gale and always squabbling. But despite the silliness of many of these suggestions, it's got me thinking! Without giving anything away, the third title needs to be something that refers either to a mountain or a city, and to wind or storms. So, with that in mind, I wonder who can come up with the cleverest title?

And yes, I'm expecting a deluge of daft suggestions as well. :-)

Comment by HOPE189 on Friday, December 11, 2009...

Mountain of Mist sounds good. So does Cavern of Light. Good luck with choosing a title.

Comment by BRIAN B. on Saturday, December 12, 2009...

Mountain / Volcano of Silence
Mountain / Volcano of Darkness
Town of Tumbleweed
Mountain of Light
Mountain of Moonlight
Tower of Darkness
Precipice of Sadness
City of Hope

Comment by HOPE189 on Saturday, December 12, 2009...

City of Hope sounds great too. ;-)

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on Sunday, December 13, 2009...

You would say that, Hope! Thanks, both of you, for your suggestions. Town of Tumbleweed... hehe! But "Silence" and "Darkness"... hmm, creepy!

Comment by BRIAN B. on Sunday, December 13, 2009...

I wonder if the format of the titles: "... of F..." is of any significance. Such that the third title would be "... of F..." also.

Mountain of Fun
Trees of Fruit
Valley of Fountains
Mountain of Fear
Cavern of Faerie
City of Freedom
Pointlessness of Flags
Mountain of Forever

I must get around to buying L of F!

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on Monday, December 14, 2009...

Brian, I've sort of wondered about this myself! But using F-words (ie, "Fog" and "Fire") wasn't intentional and I don't think I want to be tied to using a third F-word (ooer!). But if I do, there's always Pools of Foam. :-)

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