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Posted on October 4, 2010 (Subscribe to Blog)

The title of this post says it all – I'm finally on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, the biggest chain of bookstores in the USA. I popped in there the other day and saw Book 2, Labyrinth of Fire, sitting on the shelf in the Young Readers section.

Labyrinth of Fire in Barnes & Noble
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Presumably Book 1, Island of Fog, is completely sold out. It must have flown off the shelf on the first day, probably with streams of eager readers camping outside the door at midnight...

Okay, maybe not. I asked a staff member about the first book, but she said she'd have to ask the store manager, who wasn't in at the time. I believe he ordered five copies of each, which doesn't sound a lot until you consider the thousands of other books in the store. There appear to be no copies of Island of Fog left, and four copies of Labyrinth of Fire on the shelf, so I'll take that as a fairly good sign!

What I really like about this, is that I'm on the same rack as J. K. Rowling. I always dreamed of being on the same shelf as her, but one shelf above is okay too...

Labyrinth of Fire in Barnes & Noble
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Mountain of Whispers might be a little longer coming, as I still need to clear it with Barnes & Noble's head office in New York. But nevertheless, it can be ordered over the counter through ANY store; it's just that you won't find it on a shelf. Yet.

So if you're still wanting to buy the books but don't want to order online, please pop along to Barnes & Noble in Hamilton Place, Chattanooga. Head for the children's/young reader's section. You'll find my books there. Or, visit the excellent Books Never-Ending on Cloud Springs Road in Rossville (up near the corner of Mack Smith Road). The store always has plenty of copies of my books, and they're signed. (Alternatively, email me and pay by check.)

Comment by DADDEE on Monday, October 4, 2010...

Why didn't you re-arrange the books so that yours and J.K's WERE on the same shelf. Is a bookshifter related to a shapeshifter.? :-) Anyway, looks like you have nearly started being as famous as J.K. Well done.

Comment by MING on Tuesday, October 5, 2010...

Well done, Keith! Fame suits you well. :-)

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