The SLEEP WRITER sci-fi series features twelve-year-olds Liam and Ant and the strange girl next door, Madison, who has the unearthly ability to write herself cryptic messages that lead to aliens, monsters, and ghouls. The three are plunged into one freaky adventure after another.

There are currently three books in this series, but more are planned. Book 4, Warp Giants, is in the works for 2017.

  • Sleep Writer
    Sleep Writer
    Sleep Writer Book 1
    Published 15th September, 2014
    PRICE: $0.00
    Everything changes for twelve-year-old Liam when a girl moves in next door. Madison is fifteen, pretty, and much weirder than she seems. Sometimes when she's sound asleep, she scrawls a message on a notepad by her pillow. She finds these cryptic words when she wakes the next morning – a time and a place. But for what? Liam and best friend Ant join her when she goes hunting around a cemetery late one night, and life is never the same again...
  • Robot Blood
    Robot Blood
    Sleep Writer Book 2
    Published 7th July, 2015
    PRICE: $3.99
    Liam is kidnapped by a small robot and taken into space. There he meets the Ark Lord, a creepy cyborg bent on recruiting a team of so-called invincible soldiers for a very specific mission. There's nothing special about Liam except that he's seen his own future, which means his chances of survival are pretty much guaranteed, making him ideal for a potentially deadly task. To help him along, the Ark Lord injects Liam with cyborg-creating nanobots...
  • Caleb's World
    Caleb's World
    Sleep Writer Book 3
    Published 31st October, 2015
    PRICE: $3.99
    Ant's premonition of his friend's house being annihilated comes true when Liam's house is destroyed one Saturday evening – but not by a dreaded laser bolt from space. Instead, a massive sinkhole opens up and plunges the house deep underground with Liam and Madison inside. Could this be the work of eight-year-old Caleb, the mysterious, all-powerful, long-lost son of Ant's chauffeur? If so, he's created an incredible and frightening underground world...

A short story called "The Cosmic Ark" can be found in Wonderstorms: A Fantasy Anthology. This story is basically a complete scene from Sleep Writer.