The ISLAND OF FOG LEGACIES series takes places twenty years after the original Island of Fog series. Travis Franklin, the twelve-year-old son of famous shapeshifters Hal and Abigail, is now embarking on his own missions. His first mission, Unicorn Hunters, is accidental. He takes best friend Rez along on his second mission, Sinister Roots. In the third mission, he accompanies his 'cousin' Melinda Strickland in Gargoyle Scourge. She's the eleven-year-old daughter of equally famous shapeshifters Robbie and Lauren. And they join forces again in Haunted Fortress.

Unfortunately, Travis and Melinda have super-strong immune systems that render them 'normal' after two days and keep them from being full-time shapeshifters like their parents. But no matter, because Miss Simone has plenty of varied tasks for them to undertake if they're up to the challenge...

There are currently 4 books in this series. Book 5, Death Storm, will be published in 2018.

  • Unicorn Hunters
    Unicorn Hunters
    Island of Fog Legacies #1
    Published 15th March, 2016
    PRICE: $3.99
    It's been twenty years since the events surrounding the Island of Fog. Twelve-year-old Travis Franklin, son of Hal and Abigail, is about to become a shapeshifter like his parents – and just in time, because the old soothsayer predicts trouble. There's been a spate of poaching in the area, and when Travis witnesses a unicorn snatched from its herd, he leaps into action in his brand-new guise as a wyvern! Only thing is, his rescue attempt goes awry...
  • Sinister Roots
    Sinister Roots
    Island of Fog Legacies #2
    Published 20th August, 2016
    PRICE: $3.99
    Shapeshifter Travis Franklin has a new mission: to deliver a mysterious package to the Grim Reaper. Traveling with his best friend Rez, the boys set off on an overnight journey to a blank spot on the map where Death is thought to reside. This time Travis is going as a three-headed fireball-shooting chimera, and he's sure nothing will stand in his way, not even the annoying trolls. Yet something else lurks, something even more sinister than the Grim Reaper...
  • Gargoyle Scourge
    Gargoyle Scourge
    Island of Fog Legacies #3
    Published 1st March, 2017
    PRICE: $3.99
    Eleven-year-old Melinda Strickland is setting out on her first mission as a shapeshifter – to save a town from unruly gargoyles. They've become quite mischievous and downright destructive lately! Travis Franklin accompanies her on the trip west, though Melinda is keen to point out she's in charge, not him. If course, nothing ever goes as planned. What promises to be a fairly routine mission turns into something quite deadly...
  • Haunted Fortress
    Haunted Fortress
    Island of Fog Legacies #4
    Published 20th August, 2017
    PRICE: $3.99
    Young shapeshifters Travis and Melinda are tasked with visiting the infamous Haunted Fortress to uncover its dark secrets. The residents of Hemlock, a small seaside village, have been seeing a phantom figure on and off for the past two hundred years. And what's with the unmeltable block of ice in the fortress's main chamber? With Travis as a super-heated cherufe and Melinda as a naga girl, their two-pronged mission is to melt the ice and debunk the phantom...
  • Death Storm
    Death Storm
    Island of Fog Legacies #5
    Coming in 2018
    PRICE: $3.99
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    A mysterious storm cloud is sweeping across the landscape like a wall of dust. With villages being engulfed, Miss Simone orders the evacuation of Carter and gathers an army of shapeshifters to investigate the crisis. But nobody returns from the Death Storm to file a report. It seems New Earth's fate is to be smothered by an unstoppable force of nature. But the real nightmare begins after the storm has passed by. Everything is different. People are changed. And only a very small handful of residents can see it...