The WORLD OF APPARATUM is divided.

To the west lies the high-tech city of Apparati, governed by a corrupt mayor and his brutal military general. To the east, spread around the mountains and forests, the seven enclaves of Apparata are ruled by an overbearing sovereign and his evil chancellor. Between them lies the Ruins, or the Broken Lands – all that's left of a sprawling civilization before it fractured.

Hundreds of years have passed, and neither world knows the other exists. Until now.

This is a 2-part story, co-written with Brian Clopper.

  • Fractured
    A Tale of Apparatum, Part 1 of 2
    Published 5th September, 2013
    PRICE: $4.99
    Laws are harsh. In the city, Kyle's tech implant fails to work, rendering him worthless in the eyes of the mayor. In the enclaves, Logan is unable to tether to any of the spirits, and he is deemed an outcast. Facing execution, the two young fugitives escape their homes and set out into the wastelands to forge a new life. But their destinies are intertwined, for the separate worlds of Apparati and Apparata are two faces of the same coin... and it turns out that everyone has a twin.
  • Unearthed
    A Tale of Apparatum, Part 2 of 2
    Published 26th January, 2015
    PRICE: $4.99
    Kyle and Logan long to return to their families – or, better still, bring both worlds into phase so they can all be together. With Abe Torren's help, perhaps they can do just that. Tunnels have been discovered deep below the enclaves and under the city. Within the darkness are signs of a lost civilization. But according to Abe, it isn't lost at all. In fact it's the third phase of Apparatum, very much alive today and filled with untethered spirits. Only these spirits are flesh-and-blood creatures...