Novel Proofreading – Misspellings, Punctuation, Grammar, Capitalization, and More

I've written and published 20 books to date, and now I'm offering a proofreading service to help eradicate the glaringly obvious typos as well as the sneaky, not-so-obvious mistakes from YOUR manuscript.

Novel Proofreading Novel Proofreading

Readers will forgive occasional typos, but they'll get pretty annoyed if your book is riddled with errors. You don't want 1-star reviews that say, "Would have been a good story if I could have waded through all the mistakes... I gave up." I've come across books on Amazon with reviews like this. Sometimes the author will take the hint and fix all those errors, but by then it's too late; those negative reviews are OUT THERE! So get your book fixed NOW before you publish.

Novel Proofreading

I offer proofreading – a very careful read-through of your manuscript to catch misspellings, punctuation and capitalization issues, missing or repeated words, clumsy sentence structure, ambiguous or otherwise unclear statements, and so on. I'll also offer suggestions when another word or phrase might flow better. I won't delve too far into any plotting, pacing, or characterization problems, but of course I'll speak up if I spot anything obvious.

Novel Proofreading Novel Proofreading

Ultimately, I want your manuscript to be as clean as possible, because that reflects well on you and me.

Enter your total word count (rounded to the nearest thousand) for an instant price:

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You can supply your manuscript to me in any form as long as I can copy-paste it into Google Docs for my read-through. When I'm finished, I'll either send you a link or export it as a Word file complete with my comments and suggestions.

First, though, I would suggest you send me 1000 words for a free trial run, which will give you an idea of the sort of thing I might find. It also gives me the chance to see if I'm interested in continuing with your manuscript; after all, if your sample has too many typos, it might just prove too big a task at my very reasonable rate.

Interested? Email Keith at with your sample text (1000 words).

Novel Proofreading