Ned Firebreak by Brian Clopper

Posted on May 13, 2013 (Subscribe to Blog)

Fantasy author Brian Clopper recently published a new novel, Ned Firebreak, about a dragonslayer who has lost part of his memory and can't recall how to slay dragons. What a pain that would be!

I had the privilege of beta-reading this novel, and it's full of colorful characters and adventure. It starts out fairly relaxed as Ned wakes from a coma, but it picks up speed like a magical talking tree floating down a river (which, by the way, actually happens in the story). The ending is epic. Ned Firebreak is a fantasy novel for middle-graders and up, and well worth a try. Here's the author's back-cover blurb:

The Firebreaks are a family of dragonslayers. After dispatching the unruly lizards, this father/son team brings back the fair maidens to live on their magically protected princess reservation. At least that's what their brochure would have you believe.

When Ned wakes up from a coma, he finds key memories relating to his rescue missions and missing-in-action father erased by magic. With the help of three motivated princesses and one who's rather a hindrance, he sets out to uncover his missing memories and reveal the truth of the Firebreaks' dealings with the dragons of the Eight Kingdoms. Along the way, Ned picks up a tree sidekick, a wizard versed in the ludicrous art of pun magic, and a healthy respect for both princesses and dragons alike.

Can he make the world outside of the reservation safe for the princesses? Will he uncover the true threat to the maidens' well-being? Can he find his father before he must face off against the nefarious black dragon, Rackeesus, who dogs his trail every step of the way?

Find out Ned's fate in this rousing tale that blends fantasy with mystery and heaping helpings of wit.

This is a solid tale of princesses, dragons, and not-quite-dragonslayers

Mr. Clopper goes all out in this tale of a dragonslayer who's lost his memory and has to figure out how he's supposed to continue his trade when he has no recollection of his skills. And why is he in the company of Aunt Nance and four lovely princesses?

On this journey of discovery, my favorite character has to be the magical tree, dubbed Sir Franklin, who leaves his roots behind and branches out in an effort not to leaf Ned to fend for himself on his quest. (See, Clopper's not the only one who can write puns.) But all the characters are solid, and the story moves at a pretty fair clip, culminating in an epic ending.

As I said, I had the privilege of reading an early pre-publication copy of this novel, and there are a number of things the author has since adjusted and improved based on feedback from myself and other beta readers. The sign of a good author is one who is enthusiastic about listening to comments and making changes for the sake of a better book. This book has come through the refinement process and is now as shiny has Aunt Nance's sword. The result is a solid and well-written novel for all ages. Thoroughly recommended.

Ned Firebreak is available only on Kindle at the very reasonable price of $2.99. Get it now!

Comment by BRIAN CLOPPER on Monday, May 13, 2013...

Thanks for the kind plug. Sir Franklin is one of my favorite characters ever. He stands above so many of my other creations!

By the way, sales of this book have been wonderful! Today saw more copies getting out to avid readers. I attribute that to the wonderful trumpet-blowing you did with this post. For those lovely Island of Fog fans who took a chance on my work, thanks so much! And you, Sir Keith, thanks for spreading the word.

I'm sure Ned would keep a room open for you at the princess reservation any day.

Hurm, Maybe Ned should have a run-in with good old Hal. Who would win in that conflict?

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on Tuesday, May 14, 2013...

Pleased to hear your sales are going well!

Ned vs. Hal... Now, there's an interesting thought. Since they're both good guys, I don't think we would have a clear winner. I think they'd end up coming to some amicable agreement. Or Hal would confuzzle Ned with his shapeshifting. :-)

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