Mountain of Whispers is PUBLISHED!

Posted on July 22, 2010 (Subscribe to Blog)

I bet you never thought I'd get there. Well, ye of little faith, I received the proof copy of the book yesterday and all looks good, so today I hit the "publish" button and ordered some stock copies. Mountain of Whispers is available!

Now, bear in mind that I have to wait for my stock copies to arrive before I can dispatch any to eager readers. A box of them should be here in about a week (a box of books I mean, not a box of eager readers). Also, it may be a week before the book appears on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. But aside from that, it's ready and I'm now accepting orders. Just go to the Buy the Books page.

Don't forget that shipping is a flat rate these days, so it pays to get two or three of the books at once. This applies to both U.S. and overseas customers.

In the past, some have requested PDF versions of the books, and I do offer these, but only by direct email request. Each PDF is $7.95.


Comment by MING on Friday, July 23, 2010...

Well done, old thing! Am going to order it ASAP... as soon as my dad gets 10 minutes of free time, which sadly enough, seems to be never these days!

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