Labyrinth of Fire

Posted on July 3, 2009 (Subscribe to Blog)

The sequel to Island of Fog has warmed up and is backing down the drive as we speak, with five chapters written and a full summary completed. It'll be a few months yet, but I hope to publish Labyrinth of Fire sometime later this year.

This book picks up from the exact moment the first book left off, and the labyrinth of fire itself comes into play around halfway through. But beware: the sequel is merely the second book of a trilogy, not because I want to stretch it out, but because there's a lot to tell and I can't fit it into less than three books! By the end of the second book there will be a lot resolved... but still some left to tell. The third book, in 2010, will wrap things up nicely.

On the other hand, even after three books there will STILL be a lot of stuff to explore. I'm thinking that this trilogy will be from Hal's point of view, and complete in itself, but beyond that I might switch to another character, whether that character is one of Hal's close friends or someone else entirely that we haven't yet met. I have ideas... lots of ideas...

I was surprised to learn that both my parents have now read my book. (Hallo Mum and Dad!) Actually, I wasn't surprised that my mum read it, as she reads a lot anyway, but my dad...? I've NEVER seen him read a novel. Ever.

This morning I stopped at a gas station for fuel. Well, when I say fuel, I mean beer. Anyway, as I was paying, the lady behind the counter asked me when the next book will be available. I was startled for a moment, but then I remembered her from Down Home Days (she was one of the few who had bought a book that day). She said she enjoyed it a lot and was looking forward to the next one, and I left the gas station with a big smile on my face feeling like I wanted to rush home and get on with it. That's the best kind of motivation!

Comment by JULIAN PARRY on Friday, July 10, 2009...

Hey! I've missed so MUCH. I just went to The Secret Blog and saw that it had ended! How sad. I've not even bought Island of Fog. I really need to buy it, judging by the reviews it has received! And the author's also starting a sequel! Phew — I've missed so much...

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