Island of Fog Audiobook published!

Posted on March 13, 2015 (Subscribe to Blog)

As the title says, the Island of Fog audiobook is now published and available at Audible, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), and also on iTunes. Watch this trailer for a very quick sample with added sound effects and music:

I think Fred Wolinsky did an amazing job with the variety of voices. The children are so distinctive that you could identify them easily without dialog tags. Hal and Abigail obviously take up many of the scenes, but some of my favorite character voices have to be Robbie, Fenton, and Emily. Did you know Emily had a lisp? Hehe.

Island of Fog Audiobook Cover

If you've read the series (or at least the first book), I hope you'll find it interesting to listen to it played out by a talented narrator. I know of some fans who often read it to their children or class, so it could actually be useful and fun to have an audiobook AND a book so that listeners can hear and read the words at the same time. If you're not an Audible member, you can get the audiobook for free by signing up and becoming a member today.

You'll find that the reading is absolutely word perfect, which ensures that in the coming weeks it will be automatically added to Amazon's WhisperSync system, which means you'll be able to read the Kindle book, easily switch to the corresponding position in the audio, the back to the Kindle, and so on.

It's 9 hours 37 minutes in length, and there's a sample on each of the product pages that will give you a good idea of what to expect.

And it's worth mentioning here that Fred Wolinsky is about to start work on Book 2, Labyrinth of Fire. :-)

Comment by RACHEL on Friday, March 13, 2015...

Nice. What about a movie or tv series?

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on Friday, March 13, 2015...

That would be great. :-)

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