Introducing the next book in the Island of Fog Legacies series

Posted on March 30, 2016 (Subscribe to Blog)

Unicorn Hunters, the first book in the Island of Fog Legacies series, has been available on Amazon and other stores for two weeks and is selling quite nicely:

Unicorn Hunters (Island of Fog Legacies #1)

"A ripping tale. I've read all of the fog series and picked this one up to see if it was as good. It didn't disappoint."azebra

As usual when I publish a book, I'm nervous about how it will be received. That's been the case since the very first book I wrote, and it's the same today. Thankfully, so far so good!

"Keith Robinson has done it again! Unicorn Hunters a delightful addition to the stories of our favorite group of shapeshifters, but focusing instead on the next generation. The story is fun and fast paced, with lots of action and colorful characters. With every book written, I become more convinced that there in no bottom to the well of creativity that is Mr. Robinson's imagination. So happy to be able to spend more time with the characters and in the magical place that I have come to love so dearly. Cannot wait for the next book!"Amazon Customer

I'm happy to say print editions are also now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK, and they look gorgeous! More on that in a separate post when I receive my first batch of stock copies.

Back to the reviews:

"Unicorn Hunters is a very enjoyable read. It has a perfectly paced storyline with interesting characters. I loved the humor, the drama and the flat-out surprises along the way. This one is going right beside all my other Island of Fog books. Highly recommended."Kat B

But now to the point of this post, which is to introduce Book 2 in the new series. It was a lot of fun to writing Unicorn Hunters and continuing the Fog series with the next generation of shapeshifters (specifically Hal and Abigail's son, Travis). And it's really lit a fire under me to get the next installment done. I have no end of ideas, and it was just a case of choosing the right one: Sinister Roots.

Sinister Roots (Island of Fog Legacies #2)

In Unicorn Hunters, Travis launched himself into adventure without thinking. In Sinister Roots, his parents and Miss Simone send him on a simple mission to deliver a small package.

I don't want to give too much away about Travis's shapeshifting ability, but I see endless possibilities. The original Fog series had nine shapeshifters, so they could get stuff done with a little teamwork. Travis is on his own, but he can get just as much done thanks to a quirk in his genetic makeup that's really going to stand him apart from all the other shifters.

He sets off on this simple mission with his best friend Rez, who is completely human and unwilling to even entertain the idea of being a shapeshifter. It's up to Travis to keep him safe on their little journey. It's just a two-day round trip, and Travis's parents aren't too worried; their son can hold his own against the wildlife. But the mission doesn't quite go as planned thanks to the sinister tree-monsters who reside in the forest...

I'm only 10% into the writing of this book, partway through Chapter 4. The boys have set off on their journey, but already there's an ominous cloud on the horizon.

I expect Sinister Roots will be available to buy sometime around June 2016.

Comment by HELIX on Thursday, May 19, 2016...

Gosh, Unicorn Hunters was great! If I could speed up the process of writing any book from any series I'm reading, it would be this one. Castle of Spells and the Prison of Despair were great, but Unicorn Hunters was an entire other level! Sinister Roots has a lot to live up for to beat the books before it.

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on Thursday, May 19, 2016...

Thank you, Helix! I'm two-thirds of the way through Sinister Roots and expect to publish that in July. It's certainly different, what with talking trees, giant bugs, and the Grim Reaper. :-)

Would you consider posting a rating/review of Unicorn Hunters on It desperately needs some more recognition.

Thanks again!

Comment by ROSAMUND on Tuesday, June 21, 2016...

I really really really really can't wait for Sinister roots! And the grim reaper? Wow, I'm beginning to wonder if that's something to do with the gatekeeper!

Comment by HELIX on Thursday, June 30, 2016...

So, what day can you predict Sinister Roots will be finished? I can hardly wait, so I've started waiting for two other books to come out, but it appears they'll come out by mid-late July.

Comment by ANONYMOUS on Thursday, June 30, 2016...

Ooh I hope so for Grim Reaper too.

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on Thursday, June 30, 2016...

Helix, I'm a little behind in my original schedule, but I'm now expecting to publish in August. If I had to say a date, I would go with August 15th to be safe. But I'll know more as time goes on! Note that I'm playing safe with the date. I might get done earlier, but I'd hate to be "late" again.

The Grim Reaper, the Gatekeeper, the giant brain under the ground... All of these things are related, and you'll find out a lot more in Sinister Roots.

Comment by HELIX on Thursday, June 30, 2016...

Okay thanks. Sorry if I'm rushing you, I'll leave you to it.

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on Thursday, June 30, 2016...

Haha! You're not rushing me. I always try to keep it moving so I can publish on a regular basis, say every few months. Unicorn Hunters was published March 15, and if Sinister Roots is August 15, that'll be exactly 5 months... which isn't bad, but 4 months would have been better, and 3 months would have been awesome! Who am I kidding, though? I did write Unicorn Hunters in 3 months, but that was a monumental effort. 4-5 months is good enough. :-)

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