Haunted Fortress (Island of Fog Legacies #4) is published!

Posted on August 22, 2017 (Subscribe to Blog)

The fourth book in the Island of Fog Legacies series, Haunted Fortress, is now available at all major stores.

Haunted Fortress (Island of Fog Legacies #4)HAUNTED FORTRESS
(Island of Fog Legacies #4)

Young shapeshifters Travis and Melinda are tasked with visiting the infamous Haunted Fortress to uncover its dark secrets. The residents of Hemlock, a small seaside village, have been seeing a phantom figure on and off for the past two hundred years. The phantom has many names – Screeching Witch, Fiery Goddess, Ghoulish Ghost, and Mechanical Lady for starters – but she's mostly known as the Snake Lady, a naga who appears out of thin air and then vanishes again.

The fortress is something to behold, floating above the sea just off the coast. And what's with the block of ice in the main chamber? Not only does it refuse to melt despite repeated attempts at thawing, the naga folk in the nearby woods suggest it contains a perfectly preserved corpse and should be left well alone.

Miss Simone disagrees. With Travis as a super-heated cherufe and Melinda as a naga girl, their two-pronged mission is to melt the ice and debunk the phantom...

HAUNTED FORTRESS is the fourth installment in the Island of Fog Legacies series

Buy it now! See the Island of Fog Legacies page for store links.

The book was actually published a few days ago, but I like to give it time to settle in, and for store links to start working. Plus, a post before today would have been eclipsed by the... er... well, the recent Total Solar Eclipse event.

But anyway, that's another job jobbed. I started writing back in 2002, and my first published book was in April 2009 just over eight years ago. Haunted Fortress is my 22nd publication:

  • 17 full-length novels (9 Fog books, 4 Legacies books, 3 Sleep Writer books, and Quincy's Curse)
  • 1 novella (Eye of the Manticore)
  • 2 shared novels (Fractured and Unearthed)
  • 1 omnibus (the first three Fog books)
  • 1 short story collection (all Island of Fog related)

I expect to publish a further two books in 2017, namely Tails of a Shapeshifter, which is half new material and half pulled from my archives – and Warp Giants, containing a handful of novelettes for Sleep Writer Book 5. And 2018 will start with Death Storm, the fifth book in the Island of Fog Legacies series.

Are you keeping up? :-)

Comment by ROGER ESCHBACHER on Tuesday, August 22, 2017...

That's some pace you've got going there. Congrats!

Comment by GRAEME JENKS on Wednesday, August 23, 2017...

And long may it continue. Haha.

I recently beta read this book and as usual it will not disappoint. Keep up the good work keith.

For any fans of the Fog series, please try Quincy's curse. Its one of my favourites and I'm trying to get another book for Quincy on Keiths busy schedule. Lol

Comment by BRIAN B on Wednesday, August 23, 2017...

Congrats Keith. Agree with Graeme, QC was very inventive.

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on Wednesday, August 23, 2017...

Every time someone mentions Quincy's Curse I get an urge to do the second book. So I guess that's what I need for it to happen — more readers buying it, reviewing it, requesting Book 2, etc. I love that book; it just needs more exposure. I have in mind a new cover at some point soon, and a print edition. Thanks for the mentions on this, guys. Maybe in 2018...? I have nothing "set in stone" beyond Legacies Book 5.

Comment by BRIAN CLOPPER on Saturday, August 26, 2017...

Way to go! It's another fine addition to the extensive library of Robinson novels.

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