Free short story The Silver Wand (Part 4 of 4) now available

Posted on April 15, 2016 (Subscribe to Blog)

And now the final segment, Part 4 of "The Silver Wand," where Hal, Robbie, Abigail, and Lauren meet some people who might be able to help them get home at last! This time, they bump into three friends from the Sleep Writer books – and a frizzy-haired alien with a suitcase.

I enjoyed this four-part special in which Hal and his friends cross over into other series by the same author (me!). It's just a bit of fun, but I was careful to make sure nothing I did interferes with the overall arcs of each series. I like the ins and outs of inter-dimensional travel as well as the nifty bit of time travel, both of which feature in the Sleep Writer series as well.

Next month it's back to one-offs.

By the way, I have enough short stories (around 46,000 words) to put together an Island of Fog Chronicles ebook. I plan to add one or two exclusive stories plus some author notes, so it should be worth grabbing.

Go read "The Silver Wand" now on my Island of Fog Free Short Stories page and find out more about the Sleep Writer.

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