Free short story Darcy the Dryad now available

Posted on June 15, 2015 (Subscribe to Blog)

This month's short story covers the action in Black Woods and the evening's monster-unveiling ceremony in the street.

Darcy the Dryad
Having never been interested in wildflowers and plants before, it was with some surprise that Darcy woke and suddenly knew everything about the woods around her. And the fact that she was invisible didn't escape her notice either.

Once again, it's worth reiterating that these short stories read like chapters. They work great when experienced one after the other, with each offering a glimpse into a bigger story. As always, I'm mindful of the published novels and have adhered strictly to the text where necessary while adding new material around it. Oh, and when Darcy says she has a bump the size of a "stone," I realize that's a fairly British term (as opposed to "rock"), but it's in the original Island of Fog book and therefore must stay! That's how strict I am about this. I can add new stuff between scenes, and I can delve into the lead character's mind as much as I like, but to change even a single word of published dialog would be cheating.

You can find the new short story section on the official Island of Fog page, or you can jump straight to it here.

Please let me know what you think by posting your comments here! And remember, a free short story will be published every month on the 15th. Next month is the final chapter in this series of "recaps" from the first book, because Emily's transformation is the last. After that I'll be trying something completely new.

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